embrace your inner artist.

Art is one of the many ways you may express yourself.

Art is a way for you to communicate your feelings.

Art allows you to develop your intellectual and emotional intelligence.


Art further develops your motor skills.

Art continues to advance your cognitive development (at any age). 

Art assists you to with self discovery & true joy through its therapeutic outlet.

Arts improves your visual development of eye and hand coordination.

learn with individualized training. 

In the ARTSTUDIO.LA teaching environment, our goal is to provide you open-ended support that develops your skills while exploring your creativity.  When it comes to all fine arts, we believe that people of all ages should not be forced into a rigid course structure when discovering their unqiue skills.

At our studio, when learning art, all age groups have slightly different needs and we make each comfortable to find their own voice.  However, we approach all artists individually with age in mind and our studio has different alloted times for children, teens & adults to work with the proper coaching they should receive. 

With the MONTESSORI METHOD as the backbone of our studio, we remember that every individual has different artistic fingerprints that will be developed in a unique manner.  We follow the individual needs of each artist and guide each of our students with that core principle in mind.